1. Huge thanks for this fix… for me the plugin worked like a charm! I knew it had to be a windows thing… :)

    Very happy blogger now! Thanks, B.

  2. Thank you very much for the advice. I’m finding, however, relay-hosting.secureserver.net takes FOREVER to actually send the e-mail.

    I’m trying to optimize Registration Redux Plus. My subscribers rarely get the confirmation e-mail within 15 min and many times receive nothing at all. I’m trying to troubleshoot. Any comments on how to make my confirmation/verification e-mails arrive sooner?

  3. Chris

    Thank you very much, works perfect… cheers mate!

  4. High valued information and how simply explained! I really need to send you a huge thank you for this. Had been pulling my hair for long with that smtpout.secureserver.net thing. Thanks!!!

  5. I have read all the of your very helpful solutions unfortunately I still get the message in the red box. The form actively sends the mail 1 to me as intended but will not send the second email back to the subscriber. I have uploaded WP Mail SMTP and redone all the settings as suggested and get test messages to other email address’s without problem. I have double checked all other mail settings and everthing tests fine, except the second mail from Contact 7 will not go through and I get the error message.

  6. I finally got this working!! Praise be! You are a life saver. Thanks so much. It finally worked once I placed CAPTCHA in the form. Could this be? Anyway- thank you. Thankfully this is my ONLY GoDaddy hosted site.

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