1. Cool. I made sure to reference you as well by adding to my original post. I’ve noticed that different hosting providers sometimes require different solutions and it’s good to see you pitch in.

  2. Thanks, Rob. I was a little concerned after publishing my post for solving the issue with GoDaddy because I published the address of the relay server but it refuses connections from hosts outside of their network. So it’s good.

  3. Megan

    Thank you, thank you!!! That worked perfectly!

  4. Enrique Pascual

    Hi, first sorry my english, i would try to explain my issue, very particular issue, i all ready install the plugin wp-mail-smtp, but when i have made any change for the options, the fu….. plugin take me to a page with the next message:
    Your attempt to edit your settings has failed.
    Please Try Again.

    And all changes disappear :S

    if any one of you guys can help i really appreciate!!
    Thank you so much!! :)

  5. Enrique Pascual

    Thanks mario!!
    the version is 2.5, maybe this plugins doesn’t work with this version of wordpress??? when i searched for info about this plugin i remember seeing that it if worked with this version of wordpress, i will continue searching in your link, maybe i can find the solution, and if i can i let you know guys, thank you!!!

  6. Enrique Pascual

    ohhh my mistake mario!! apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your response, I think the wordpress site would have been the first that i should have searched :P……….. well i would upgrade 2.7.1, the only problem is that I have made many changes on my blog :P……. well i have a lot of work to do!! again thank you very much mario!!!

  7. ok – got the WP-SMTP installed and got to the “true” part on and received test email. How do I get Contact Page form on my site now – I tried adding another plug-in (TinyContactForm) but am getting an error – help?
    Thank you from the greenie…


  8. Hi Rob,

    I haven’t used TinyContactForm. I am using Contact Form 7, so the instructions I’m going to give are for that plug-in. You can download Contact Form 7 at http://ideasilo.wordpress.com/2007/04/30/contact-form-7/ or install it with the WordPress Plugin Installer by going to Plugins -> and then clicking on “Plugin Browser/Installer”. In the Search box type in “Contact Form 7” without the quotes and then click on the Search button. Contact Form 7 is the second one on the list (at time of writing this comment). Click on the “Install” link next to it. Go back to the Plugins page and activate that plugin.

    Once you have activated it, click on the Tools tab, then on Contact Form 7. Once you are there, all you need to do is follow the instructions on the page. The form you design with Contact Form 7 can be included in a new page only and you do it by means of a tag. For example, this can be in the form [contact-form 1 "(name of form)"] where (name of form) is the form ID that Contact Form 7 assigned to your custom form.

    There’s one catch: if you scroll down the above page (Contact Form 7’s settings) make sure that you enter “[your-email]” (without the quotes) in the “From:” field. Contact Form 7 will have [your-name] “<[your-email]>”. This won’t work for you.

    The “To:” field is the e-mail address where you would like to receive the results. Also, make sure that you do include the person’s e-mail address in the form’s results so that you are able to reply to the person by copying and pasting their e-mail.

    I hope this makes sense. Perhaps this calls for a follow-up article.

    Let me know how it goes for you.

  9. It worked!!! this has been a multi-day effort for a crazy contact form- how in the world did you know that your-name had to be taken out but yet I’ve not seen it ANYWHERE?

    thanks man, you’re a life saver and I can enjoy my weekend now! You enjoy yours!


  10. Excellent! I’m very glad it worked.

    I had the same problem as you and I figured it out by trial and error. Plus I know that some SMTP clients cannot recognize a “From:” line in the form “[name]” <email>.

    Have a great weekend, too, and have fun with WP!

  11. You are AWESOME!
    I have been working on solving this off and on for weeks and would just get frustrated. I followed your steps in 3 minutes and it works.

    Thank you so much!

  12. Thank you, Kari. I’m glad my blog post helped you. Thanks for contacting me!

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