1. DMA

    EXCELLENT – thanks for both posts. Finally got this to work by following your steps.

  2. I follows your previous post setting up Wp-Mail-Smtp with go daddy, I received the test email from that ok. in contact form 7 in the “to” field, i entered the email I wanted the form data arrive to, and “from” field, i left it as [your-name] this worked for me, although it took like 15 minute to get it… i didnt need to enter the email from the wp-mail-smtp to work

  3. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for this information!!!! Very helpful

  4. I have followed all of these directions, but am still getting the message.

    Provider: GoDaddy
    WP ver.: 3.1
    Contact form: 2.4.4
    I have an email acct. with GoDaddy and have WP-Mail-SMTP.
    I also have WordPress Database Backup installed and have it emailing me my database back ups. Until I followed your steps, it would not email me my back up, but now it does– but no Contact form7???

  5. I have the same problem as John Wrede. I’m using the same setup as him. Please help!

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