1. Thank you SO MUCH for this! You’ve truly saved me. I really hate Yahoo! Web Hosting, but I have no choice since my client insists on staying with them. Gah!

  2. This is brilliant. I’m an epic lurker, rarely taking the time to comment on blogs, but I had to break my streak to say thanks.

    This worked a treat. Thanks so much for putting this up here.

  3. Adil Sulaiman

    Managed to send that test email through the SMTP plugin but it still gives me the dreaded failed to send error.
    What am i doing wrong?

  4. Thank you so much. Our daughter was injured by electric shock and is in a coma. We have setup a website for updates on her condition and need to email folks with updates etc. I was running into a wall last night and 1/2 of today until I found your post. Thank you so much.
    God Bless,
    Burt Wizeman

  5. Thanks. Very clear instructions that work like a charm. Saves much headache.


    grace gives a life that gives.

  6. Thanks so much. After searching the web with no luck, I found your article and everything was spelled out perfectly and worked immediately.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  7. Thank you. I just found a great theme – Colorway Theme – however, I couldn’t get the contact page to work until I found your instructions.

    I am happy to donate in thanks for your helpful info if you will let me know how …


  8. Rachel

    Thank you for this! You have saved me a huge headache!

  9. Adam

    Wanted to say thanks! These instructions hold true in 2013 with updated contact form 7 and WP 3.5

    Like others, I have a client who insists on using Yahoo Hosting. Now if I can figure out how to configure permalinks without an htaccess file I will be doing great!

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