Why “angstrey”?

In the fall of 1996, I was introduced to the world of chatrooms by my American roommate at the time. He used mIRC and I kept using it for a number of years. At that time, I wanted to pick a nickname that would sound strange and yet catch people’s curiosity. And so, the word “angstrey” was born and I’ve used it for my e-mail accounts (Hotmail and Yahoo),  my Twitter account, and now for my own website: Angstrey.com. If you visited this page wondering what it meant, rest assured that it caught your attention.

What does “angstrey” mean?

It has no meaning.

How do you pronounce “angstrey”?

You can pronounce it either of two ways: /angs-tray/ or /angs-tree/. It’s up to you.

Brief History of Angstrey.com

Angstrey.com was originally released in 1997 as a Tripod.com website. It started out as a class project for my Internet class while I was at The University of Findlay‘s Intensive English Language Program (also known as IELP). In 1999 it had a major redesign and became a personal website for a short time. It contained information about me, such as a brief biography, my resume, a photo gallery, recipes and even a translation in Spanish. A couple of years later I decided to take it down and no longer renew the domain name. It has remained unknown to the World until now. Thank God it was still available. When I decided to re-register it on Tax Day 2009 (April 15) and have my own website again, I was very undecided whether to use my name or this strange word as the domain name. Unfortunately, the domain name “mariovargas.com” had already been taken. I didn’t want to use my full name in order to prevent future visitors from accessing the wrong website!

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